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The attorneys at Jones Collaborative Estates have several years of experience representing missing and unknown heirs in estates all across North Carolina. It is not uncommon that heirs to estates are entirely unknown to someone trying to administer an estate in good faith, particularly when there is no Will and the deceased person died unmarried, without children, and perhaps geographically or socially estranged from their extended family.

Jones Collaborative Estates proudly partners with Drexel Hereford, a professional genealogy company based in the United Stated, to obtain expert genealogical reports based on researched vital records woldwide.

There are unique aspects to correcting and addressing probate administration when previously unknown heirs need to be added and accounted for. Certain types of property protection are at times necessary during the pendency of becoming recognized as an heir, as are evidentiary hearings which can be called for by the court or other previously identified heirs.

Contact us today for a consultation if you believe you have questions regarding the status of your legitimacy as an heir in a North Carolina estate.

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