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Conflict can arise at many points in the world of estates. Wherever you may find yourself, Jones Collaborative Estates is here to help deescalate and navigate conflict surrounding creating, understanding, and administering estate plans (or the lack thereof).

If "knowing what is enough is wealth" - what is enough for you?



The biggest risk to most families' estates is not taxes or "probate" - it is a lawsuit from within. Most lawsuits stem from a problematic family dynamic that goes undetected or unaddressed in the planning phase, or develops afterwards in the administration phase. Accordingly, lawsuits can be best avoided by thorough planning and diligent administration. If a dispute persists, "going to court" is not your only option - and it is rarely what your deceased loved one would have wanted. 

Jones Collaborative Law's vision is  informed by Jason's experience handling several multi-million dollar trust, estate, and power of attorney lawsuits. Jason seeks to reduce these lawsuits with proactive planning and thoughtful administration. It is a pioneer firm in practicing primarily Collaborative Law (non-litigation) methods for resolving these same trust, estate, and power of attorney disputes outside of the courtroom in an effort to control costs and preserve  relationships. 

In rare cases Jones Collaborative Estates will engage in litigation, but it is always a last resort.

Concerned about affording legal representation? Let's talk about it: Jason offers free 15 minute phone consultations.

Jason took his law degree from UNC Chapel Hill and his undergraduate degree from NC State. He is trained in Collaborative Law and a member of the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Lawyers' Association. Jason frequently lectures to attorneys, paralegals, and accountants as an instructor and author through various professional educational institutions, including guest lecturing at UNC School of Law.

You can read more about Jason by clicking here.

Our regularly updated blog is committed to timely reporting North Carolina appellate cases with a specific focus towards a readership of licensed estate planners and probate/trust administration attorneys. When possible we interview appellate counsel of record and always look beyond the mere court opinion to consider the appellate briefs and record on appeal. We hope to alert practitioners to the common pitfalls and trends of disputes so they may be on the lookout in their transactional practices and help their clients by steering clear of these issues early on. 

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-I don't know what we would have done without Jason-

"Jason stepped in to help our family in the most terrible time of our lives and made what could have been a very painful process an easy one. My family was put in a stressful situation when my mother’s health took a sudden turn and we found ourselves at UNC hospital being told that hospice was the only next step. You see, my mom was only 52, a single parent of my 16 year old brother, a tricky custody background and it never even crossed her mind before to have a Will in place. I called Jason and he met us that day (a Sunday none the less) in the hospital room to get her affairs in order. He was calm, compassionate, and willing to take the time to talk with everyone of my family members. Time was of the essence, and Jason worked around the clock that weekend to make sure that we had everything we needed before leaving the hospital. He completely took care of us as if we were his own family. After drafting her will, trust, and the guardianship for a minor he even met me at the Airbnb I was staying at to hand deliver the paperwork and talked me through everything that I needed to know for the next couple of weeks. I don’t know what we would have done without Jason; he went above and beyond for us which speaks to his character as not only a lawyer but a person."


-After I hired Jason I literally slept better because I knew Jason was getting the job done-

"After the unexpected death of my spouse, I had the unfortunate experience of first working with an out-of-county attorney who it turned out did not have adequate probate experience ... In desperation and panic, I contacted Jason Jones for help after I had heard a very favorable recommendation about his abilities. To my shock, when Jason reviewed the probate file to get up to speed he discovered that court-ordered deadlines had been missed and practically zero progress had occurred with the estate, which unnecessary delay had nearly brought me to the brink of financial ruin.  Jason immediately took the reins of the estate, cleaned everything up, fixed all the problems, and brought the estate to a successful closure. After I hired Jason, I literally slept better because I knew Jason was getting the job done, he had obvious expertise, and he was professional, responsive, ethical and clear.  I wish that I would have hired Jason right off the bat. I would hire him again, and I recommend him unreservedly."


-You will not be just another number-

"Most often we hear that lawyers are cold and without conscience, so much that we are hesitant to contact one. That may be the case with some but there is always an exception that exists to popular belief or rule. Mr. Jason Jones is that exception. You will not be considered just another number, but as an individual with a unique spirit and cause. Call him and trust him is my advice to anyone seeking legal representation."

*Disclaimer: quality services are provided in all cases, but specific results vary based on each client's circumstances.

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